Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Collabo Women and Sexism

Why is sexism still alive?  Are men powerful enough to keep it, without women's help?
We all know how long has sexism been going on, and how historically recently have feminist ideas come to light.  Neverthless (at least in Western countries), I daresay that, if it were not so many  women's behaviour, sexism might already have severely subsided.
We must not hold the naïve belief that every women are victimized by sexism;  that every women are against it, when we all know that there are those who even speak against Feminism.
Consciously or not, many women perpetuate sexism.  
I'm not going to talk about the ones who are unconscious of their sexist attitudes;  I'd rather focus on women who choose to cooperate with sexism.  I'll call them collabos.
Collabo women are either those who openly defend  or cooperate with sexism. There are women who are openly against gender equality and speak their minds off as so.  They are, for example, those who say that Feminism has made women's lives more "difficult".  Some even say:  "I am not feminist, I am feminine."  In this category, I also put those who support sexism allegedly due to religious beliefs.
In Brazil, there are anti-Feminism groups and comunities.  They claim that men and women are not equal, which justifies each play different roles in society.  Women belonging to such groups say, for instance, that Feminism has made women work too hard and become overloaded;  that mothers have to be present in child-rearing and men ought to be the "chief of the family".  There is a story about such phenomenon, O movimento das anti-feministas (Istoé online magazine, in Portuguese).
Cooperation comprises many attitudes, such as adopting sexism-oriented behaviour or not opposing to it.  In this category, I put women who do not take action against sexist attitudes, like not reacting when confronted with a sexist behavior, comment or joke. Also, those that don't take action when they testify sexist violence, as well as those who don't support women who react against sexist attitudes.
Collabo women are also those who  (believe to) take advantage of sexism.  There are so many examples of it.  You see women who present themselves as "miss", even aware of its discriminatory character;  you'll often hear some ladies boasting themselves by "knowing" how to deal with men: never openly confronting them, but rather acting  surreptitiously in order to obtain what they want.  
This belief reinforces women's image as weak, false, manipulative.
Why do we have to be cowards, and false, and manipulative, to get along with men? 
Oh, I cannot forget those who go even farther:  girls who choose to be manipulave, in order to take undue advantage from men.  Oh, they are such a trouble!
Think of girls who make a living on  their sex appeal (for a job, promotion, whatever).

Think of girls who trap men by getting pregnant, whether to force them to keep a relationship, or to simply become mothers (for such girls, men's will doesn't matter).

Think of women  who work against women's rights, for example, extremely conservative politicians who strongly oppose abortion and free reproductive rights.  These ones are even worse than collabos:  they are TRAITORS. 

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