Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why does Brazilian press support Social Security reformation?

Propaganda's photo, published in "Época" magazine, released on 20th February, 2017.
I did not understand why Brazilian press stands for the Social Security Reformation, a constitutional amendment drafted by Mr. Temer's government.
Brazilian Social Security  accounts do not interfere with companies' profits.
 Not at all!
So which is the reason why Brazilian great press supports the Reformation as proposed?
Because Brazilian press is ENORMOUSLY PROFITING from such proposal!
Because the Federal Government IS SPENDING HUGELY in the reformation's propaganda!
Can I prove what I state?  
Yes, I can!
The Goverment is publishing 2, TWO-PAGES announcements in the most read weekly magazines. 
 It is broadcasting pro-Reformation TV propaganda at the highest-rated channel prime-time.  Probably at other channels too.
Even before the campaign mentioned above had begun, the press already knew that the Government would not save money  with propaganda and that she, the press, would make a lot of profit from it.
To prove what I say:  picture of the two-pages propaganda, published in "Época" weekly magazine, released on 20th february 2017.
 Do not let yourselves be misled.

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