Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sexism is not normal

Sexism is not normal. It is not acceptable either.
We must have this in mind.
If we are decent, we understand that we must fight sexism always.  We will not submit.
No matter who adopts a sexist attitude towards us, we will react.
We will not feel pity if the perpetrator faces legal consequences (hopefully there are).
We will not be ashamed to hold positions that challenge mainstream ideas about women.
We will not educate our children differently because of their sex.  We will not impose different standards of behaviour or different expectations on them.  We will not train boys to be violent and girls to be docile.
We will not accept that childcare is mothers’ duty more than fathers’.
We understand that maternal leave is no longer sustainable.  We actively demand parental leave to be enjoyed by mother or father or both in alternate periods, provided it does not surpass the legal limit in the given country.
We do not accept married and single women to be treated differently.  No more “miss”, “mademoiselle”, “senhorita”, “Fraulein”.”
Fraulein was banned from use in West Germany in 1972 by the Minister of Interior.
Mademoiselle was also banned from official use in France in 2012.
Countries that have not yet done so are lagging behind.
Women who have not yet understood that “miss”, “senhorita”, “signorina” and alike diminish women are lagging behind.

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