Friday, April 07, 2017

False Feminists

Beatrice says she's a feminist, but asks to be called "miss".
Gisele argues that breastfeeding is mother's obligation instead of women's choice.
Amy posts she believes that all women are capable of vaginal delivery and firmly opposes elective C- Sections.  
Patricia advocates that maternity leave should be up to 1 year, thus reinforcing stereotyped gender-based roles and giving a damn for public deficit.  It has never crossed her mind how such measure might affect women's employment and salaries.
Jeanne attends courses on the condition of women, but scolds ladies who speak in a straightforward or assertive manner.  She can't tolerate women who dare not to be "good girls".
Iara takes part on feminist demonstrations, although she has said that women are more capable of sacrifice than men.
She even says  it's "natural" that mothers have more duties than fathers.
Marília claims to be feminist, but condemns professional and financial ambition on women.  She says women should not become "opressors".  She also says it's women's duty is to stand for the "oppressed", the "weak" and fight against "social injustice".
Emma is witty, but thinks  it's ok trap a man by getting pregnant.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Reforma política inimiga do povo

A "reforma" política proposta pelo Congresso brasileiro acaba com a democracia no país.
É um golpe de Estado do Legislativo. E do pior Legislativo da História nacional.
Primeiro, o voto será na "lista fechada " dos partidos.
O eleitor não poderá escolher o seu Deputado, o seu Senador, o seu Deputado Estadual, o seu Vereador.
Terá que engolir o que os partidos impingirem.  Sem a sua participação na escolha.
Isso é o FIM da democracia representativa. O povo não escolherá mais seus representantes.
Mais:  acaba com a reeleição, mas estende o mandato dos chefes de Poder Executivo para 5 anos.
Ou seja, teremos que aguentar mais 1 ano de Miche Temer.