Monday, January 02, 2017

Christmas: Time for family planning

Last Sunday was Christmas, also known as a family party, Jesus' birthday among Christians.

Whatever Christmas means to you, it undeniably is Western world"s most celebrated festivity.

Christmas, time to think:  about family planning.

Family planning, yes.

Without delay.  Now!

I surf websites for "birth rate" per Brazilian regions.  No result is found.  As you may know, Brazil is an enourmous country, its regions are very distinct and distant one from another.

I search for birth rates in the city of São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city, and all I can find is the whole city's supposedly avarage rate.  Neverthless, São Paulo's districts are very distinct from one another, either socially or economically;  they are different in every imaginable feature.

I query for birth rates by income (in Brazil).  No result either.

It is clear that every governmental level - federal, state, local - deliberately dim, conceal such data.

Brazilian intelligentsia, or our soit disants opinion makers, do their best (or worst...) to make people believe in a fallacy:  that the number of children per woman is decreasing, therefore, family planning is unecessary...

This is a LIE.  Bad faith sophistry.

The truth - that research institutes (like Brazilian IBGE) do hide - is that Brazilian birth rates follow high, I daresay explosive, amongst the poorest and slum dwellers.

Neverthless,  the left and the religious right are hands in hands against any proposition in favour of family planning.

The best text on the subject (in Brazilian Portuguese) was written by a Brazilian doctor, Drauzio Varella, entitled Planejamento Familiar.

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