Monday, October 10, 2016

"Feminists deserve to be tortured"

In 2nd of October, municipal elections took place in Brazil, which is one of the worst countries worldwide regarding to gender inequality in politics.
In the Municipal Chamber of São Paulo, Brazilian biggest city, there are only 5, five (!) alderwomen.
According to last Sunday's elections, there will be 10 alderwomen in the next legislature, which shall start on the 1st of January 2017.
The Chamber's total number is 55.
During the electoral campaign, ladies on the run for the Chamber heard things like, "what dos your husband think of your political engagement?", "how about your little daughter?", questions seldom or never made to male candidates.
One of the ladies was confronted with this statement:  "feminists deserve to be tortured".
Can you figure it out?  A guy that lightly  defends torture, as if it were...  Something good.  Fair.  Healing.
Torture.  A feminist is someone who deserves suffering to death, according to such...  Citizen.
This is an example of what Hannah Arendt would call "the banality of evil".
In Brazil, there's no punishment for sexism.  The law punishes as crime racism and religious discrimination.  Sexism, regardless of its seriousness, is not punished, no matter if it is incitement to violence or a threat.
Brazil is one of the most sexist western countries.
One of the most violent.

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