Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March 8th, what is it for?

Never again be called "miss".  Nor me, nor any other woman.  Never again be urged to leave an establishment for being an "unaccompanied lady".  Never more shall a girl hear that "women are the weaker"(I heard this from a teacher, when I was 10).  Never more be passed over by a man in anything at all.  Never again be pressed to move from my seat, in a plane, to favour a couple or a family.  Never again hear a tramp (whose sexism I unveil and throw on his face) accuse me of "not keeping the argument impersonal" or of not being "respectful".  Never more be deemed as a "difficult", "intolerant" person, only because I ask the beasts who think themselves men to speak low, refrain from breaking into my space and RESPECT me.  Never more shall a woman be treated as a toy or as some quick little adventure by an amphibious who believes himself human.  Never may a country which oppresses women take part in international sporting competitions, host events promoted by international organisations or compete for artistic and scientific prizes.

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