Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Have I promised you anything?"

"Have I promised you anything?"
Don't tell him how you feel, neither what you want.  It's up to him to feel and want anything first.  He's been after you?  It means nothing.  Don't you dare to think he's serious about you:  assume he's not, that'll be easier.  Who are you to believe yourself someone special?  It's so naïve to believe so.  Has he promised you anything?  Then why the hell do you expect  him to treat you like a girlfriend, a fiancée, or a wife?

"What if you see me with another girl?"
Are you shocked by such question?  Shouldn't be, babe.  It's normal nowadays.  It's how things are today.  He chooses whoever he wants to go out with, no matter if you've been together, if he's picked you up at the airport already, don't you go on thinking you're entitled to his commitment to you, least of all expect him to be true to you.  This question?  Oh, girl, don't be childish.  He's just being honest with you, don't you see...

Don't you dare to expect them to be honest...  Men don't have to...  It's you who oughtta be smart.

Double standards:  let's talk about it and hit them dead!  We take part into perpetuating them, that's what I wanted to show.

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